Supporting Treatments

Homeopathic Remedies

I use new vistas healthcare homeopathic remedies and supplements as I've used on myself and family for a couple of years now. I've enjoyed going on training courses both in London and Leeds to learn more about their products and how to use muscle testing to see what will benefit the body. This is a fantastic Irish company with excellent quality Heath products and a wonderful ethic. The frequencies present in these remedies will help to continue treatment between sessions and ultimately save time and money on your journey to better health.

Typically we would prescribe one or 2 xenobiotics which will be used to aid the body to drain of toxins, then in order to support the body doing this, the organs need to be in good health so a system liquessence would be appropriate as well. Then to support healthy organ function, a mineral liquessence would be advisable.

Essential oils

About 2 years ago I visited a stand at Glasgow vegan festival, and met a now very good friend of mine, who is a rep for doterra essential oils. All I knew of oils back then is that they smelled nice, may be able to affect mood, useful to scent the home etc. So began my journey into learning the therapeutic uses of PURE essential oils.

Since I've been using the oils myself and on family and friends to really facilitate treatment as well as many other uses, chemical free home cleaners, air purifying and even on my pets. Frankincense, for example is an amazing all rounder and I put a drop on the roof of my mouth every day. To take essential oils internally or even really to diffuse I would and could only use the purest oils, oils that go through rigorous testing to make sure they're not containing fillers or impurities.


Yes, the dreaded word! What should we eat. I have for years now been interested for both health and ethical reasons, in a vegan diet. This is slowly evolving into a whole food plant based diet which certainly from my studies seems the most natural way for us to eat, yet difficult in the fast paced society with the way we live. Of course I believe balance is needed and strive for a 70/30 ratio of good whole foods to those more convenient foods when out and about. However, with chronic disease, we cannot place too high an emphasis on what we eat.


So, should we have to take supplements? Shouldn't we get all our body needs from out diet? Well technically, yes, of course we should. But is that possible? Not really, not these days. The soil had been stripped of vital nutrients from overuse of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and pure overuse of the land itself.

Let's take magnesium as an example, so essential for many bodily functions such as hearth and circulatory health. Up to 75% adults do not reach their RDA 300mg of magnesium in the UK and up to 80% USA. The soil often simply doesn't contain as much as it used to and as a result it would be rather difficult for us to ingest enough on a regular basis to make sure we take in enough.

Another good example, especially for those who follow a Plant based way of eating, would be B12. This is such an essential vitamin, but why don't we get it through a plant based diet? Surely that means we need to eat meat? Firstly, vitamin B12 is made by a type of anaerobic bacteria, those that thrive in an environment lacking in oxygen, such as the large intestine. It is said that humans do not produce enough B12 in our gut, therefore supplementary sources would be necessary. Animals are often found deficient therefore are also supplemented. Personally, I'd rather take a b12 spray under my tongue once a week.