Just as a wine glass can shatter through a singers high pitch voice (sound frequency) some parasites can be killed (burst) through an application of specific frequencies. Please see video link "bioresonance killing parasite".

Bioresonance is a cause oriented therapy. This means a practitioner will look for the cause of disease, before going on to support the body's natural healing process. Simply removing the cause, does not necessarily resolve the body's ability to restore health and maintain it. For example, a person prone to parasitic infection may have an issue with their thyroid not producing TH1, the helper cells that defend the body against bacteria and parasite. Or they may not be producing digestive enzymes. Therefore stimulating these areas of the body can prevent recurrence. One must also restore the environment to that which would not support the sick condition. For example, edible mushrooms spores are tiny and are drifting around in the air in most places, yet these mushrooms are not growing everywhere. That is because they need a certain environment in which to live. Likewise, often ailments do not simply have an effect, they have a number of causes. These causes need addressing, and is what is known as a holistic approach to a healthy body.



Having known Lisa for many years, I was interested in what she had to say on bioresonance therapy. I was completely clueless but Lisa explained what it was and I had a diagnostic initial test. The test showed up things that I knew were an issue for me such as poor digestion and problems with my gall bladder. After the initial diagnosis Lisa gave me recommendations for natural medicines, supplements and enzymes etc. Lisa was very helpful and I plan to have further treatment in the future. Lisa also helped when I had a severely sore throat, she diagnosed the virus and gave me a treatment and a natural remedy to help. Within two days my throat was back to normal. Caroline