Holistic Approach

The word holistic means dealing with or treating the whole person rather than focussing on symptoms. A holistic treatment sometimes involves dietary changes, use of pure essential oils, and/or homeopathic remedies, and can also require specialist equipment, such as devices dedicated to protection from e-smog and geopathic disturbances, causing people with a compromised immune system various health issues.

Subsequent treatments are often necessary to assist the body in healing itself and to restore natural energy flow through the stimulation of meridians. Similarly to obtaining a sun tan, gentle and progressive treatments are given with the Rayonex bioresonance machine, rather than an intense blast that could result in the massive release of toxins into the organism. Like sunburn, that is not the desired effect of sun bathing. All treatments conclude with an appropriate detox session.



I must admit I was sceptical with regards to bioresonance. I have known Lisa for years but what she told me made sense. I had a diagnostic treatment which showed up some issues which I was unprepared for which included parasites. This is something you would not be told by a regular doctor as obviously they do not test for it! Lisa recommended some natural medicines for me to take and I had further treatments with Lisa which proved beneficially for me. I am sleeping much better and I used to have a stitch type pain in my abdomen, this has now gone away. George