Holistic Approach

Holistic means whole, and in the case of treating any conditions, it means treating the whole person rather than simply focussing on symptoms

A holistic treatment, such as bioresonance, can involve many different things, such as a change in diet, use of pure essential oils, and/or a range of homeopathic remedies. Such holistic treatments may also require specialist equipment, such as devices dedicated to protecting the client from from e-smog and geopathic disturbances, which can cause those with compromised or weakened immune systems various health issues.

Bioresonance is a holistic treatment that is growing in popularity across the globe. It assists the body in healing itself, making it a treatment option that provides the boost of restoring the bodys natural energy flow through the stimulation of meridians. It is a treatment that is as enjoyable as it is effective.


You can contact us as many times as you like prior to booking an appointment with Biores UK, as we would love to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

Once you are booked in for your session, your consultation and diagnosis will take place. This is usually a two hour session of systematically analysing individual frequencies of your body (there are thousands). The term frequency describes the number of oscillations per second. Our bodies are able to react to oscillations from zero to well over a billion per second. We will explore them all.



I must admit I was sceptical with regards to bioresonance. I have known Lisa for years but what she told me made sense. I had a diagnostic treatment which showed up some issues which I was unprepared for which included parasites. This is something you would not be told by a regular doctor as obviously they do not test for it! Lisa recommended some natural medicines for me to take and I had further treatments with Lisa which proved beneficially for me. I am sleeping much better and I used to have a stitch type pain in my abdomen, this has now gone away. George