What is bioresonance


So, what is bioresonance? A popular question in the uk. Yet, in Switzerland, Germany, and many other European countries together with some states of America, bioresonance is well recognised as an approved therapy for treating both humans and animals. In over 54 countries worldwide bioresonance is being used routinely by medical practitioners in assisting the body to heal itself.

In Germany alone, over 5,500 doctors and naturopaths regularly apply bioresonance treatments using a Rayonex bioresonance machine.

Bioresonance is a gentle, non invasive therapy that involves the positioning of non resonance holding metal plates/bars close to or on the skin, thus enabling the diagnosis and treatment of numerous ailments caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites. These and other burdens on the body such as esmog and geopathic stress cause toxins to build up in the organ tissues. The plates connect to a Rayonex bioresonance machine, which uses bio physics ( the physics of the body) . The aim being to both diagnose and treat the disease cause, rather than symptoms like so many modern medical treatments.

How it works

If you entered a room containing a piano and struck a tuning fork in there, the corresponding string in the piano would begin to resonate with it. Similarly, if you had 2 identical tuning forks and struck one, then positioned it near the other, that too would begin to resonate at the same frequency. However if the tuning forks were of a different size to each other then striking one, would have no effect on the other.

This is why bioresonance therapy is painless and has no side effects. It works with your own body's power of self healing. Plus, you don't have to get undressed for it to work on you. Simply holding the metal bars and having the plates under either feet or calves while reclining on a chair is all that is involved. Due to "die off" of various issues, it is most advisable to drink plenty of water for the following 24 hours at least to help flush the body.

Matter is concentrated energy. We know this from the development of atomic weaponry. All matter emits energy that has a specific wave length or frequency and it's own characteristic. Healthy organs emit a different frequency to when they are burdened by various parasite, viruses, fungi or bacteria, just as a bell would ring differently if it had a crack in it. Using this knowledge it can be assessed where the problems lie.


As with most medical procedures, before any treatment can take place, diagnosis needs to happen first. This usually involves a 2 hour session of systematically analysing individual frequencies, of which there are thousands.

The term frequency describes the number of oscillations per second. The means by which white people tan in sunlight is their skin reaction to the ultra violet rays of the sun. Sunlight lies on the terra hertz region. So our bodies are able to react to oscillations from zero to well over a billion oscillations a second.